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Things broken in Ubuntu 12.04

a list of annoying things that stopped working for me after upgrade:

  • Nokia 3G stick is not recognized (Bug #992639).
  • some ACPI problems on Acer AspireOne netbooks: now shutdown or reboot hangs much more often.
  • If I set the power manager not to suspend the netbook when the lid is closed, that applies to my session only. If no-one is logged in, the netbook suspends on lid close, whatever I tried.



Git repository with HTTPS write access

(this is to document a setup which was not used in the end, and was replaced with gitolite)

1. Rent a VPS. For example, at TOCICI a minimal VPS costs as little as $33 per year. The following tutorial is tested with Ubuntu 11.04 on such a minimal VPS.

2. Install and configure Lighttpd

aptitude install git-core lighttpd

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