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Here’s a new website where I promote the VoIP integration services on Swiss market:

The website is built with the Twitter Bootstrap, and here are the templates for template-toolkit which separate the Bootstrap HTML from text content:


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Git revision control for system configuration files

This short tutorial explains how to utilize Git for managing the changes in system configuration files, such as daemon configuration (Kamailio, FreeSWITCH and such).

The essential part is the “–shared=group” option in “git init” command. It sets setguid on .git directory and also sets “core.sharedRepository” in the repository config.

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Setting up a development server with Xen 4.1.3

This is a detailed installation log for a development machine that I installed recently. I bought a second-hand Core2Duo PC with 4GB RAM and two SATA disks for this purpose. Additional 4GB RAM and two new disks (the old ones are too noisy) added 200% to the total cost 🙂


  1. Quick way of setting new virtual machines on demand
  2. Xen Paravirtualization is preferred because of a) better CPU performance; b) proven correct functioning of FreeSWITCH
  3. At least one guest VM needs access to the machine’s USB ports: for embedded Linux projects, I need a fast way to write an SD card

I’ve chosen to use the Debian Unstable as the Xen Dom0 controller, for the sake of testing the new things. As of this writing, Xen 4.1.3rc1 is available in Debian Sid.

It appeared that for a PV guest, there’s no stable way to have access to the host’s USB devices. The methods that one could try (I did) are described in Xen Wiki. So, if you only need storage and network, PV is fine, but if you need access to USB devices, HVM is the only stable choice.

Xen-4.1.3 comes with a choice between XM amd XL toolsets. I tried XL, but had to turn back to XM later. Problems with XL: 1) if you reboot the PV guest, it doesn’t come back online, and the VM needs to be created from dom0; 2) when a new PV VM starts, XL creates about 20MB of temporary data in /var/run/udev/data, and does not clean it up.

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