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Embest SBC9261-I: Another nice dev. board (AT91SAM9261S)

Another nice SBC + interface board, with all plugs needed for development.

The only problem, the 200MHz ARM core seems kinda slow.



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Samsung S3C6410 vs. S3C2440A

While the development boards based on Samsung S3C2440A are easily available on eBay, they are based on a 5-years-old design.

Samsung has announced a new chip, S3C6410, but it looks like they built it without any backwards compatibility:


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Hiteg MINI2440 with LCD

Actually this board would be a much better investment than my previous ones. EUR 200 for the hardware + EUR 50 for shipment, and you get tons of peripherial connectors and a touchsreen LCD!

now the only question, what kind of application I want to develop. I don’t have an idea yet.