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Medion/Thalia OYO E-Book Reader

Bought the OYO reader few months ago, and here’s the summary.

It’s cheap: most probably, subsidized by the Thalia book store. It also allows you to copy books via USB or read them directly from a Micr0SD card.

It’s German: the UI at the first run is all in German language, but you can switch to English in settings.

It’s slow… sometimes you have to wait for its reaction. Sometimes it hangs up on large PDF files.

It’s buggy. Also Medion is not really a software business, so all the customer relation and software development is new to them.

The newest firmware R3407 is reported to have problems with PDF files, and also many people could not switch off the device or put it into standby mode.

Bugs found with firmware R2342:

  • Russian ePub files are a bit of a problem: symbols in italics are displayed as question marks. HTML and PDF files are displayed as expected
  • I couldn’t fix it in Landscape mode. Orientation settings provide 3 options: Auto, Portrait, Landscape. Landscape appears to be equal to Auto: the device is sensitive to its gravity sensor, and tries to re-draw the text as you move around.
  • It doesn’t remember the PDF reading settings, and you have to choose them next time you open a PDF.

Useful links:

  • Michaels EDV-Blog (in German). Interesting news and test results. Saved me a bit of time in not upgrading to R3407.
  • Frank’s Wiki (in English). The guy has hacked the device. You can, in theory, run your own software with it 🙂
  • OYO on Facebook (in German). The official facebook page, with all announcements from the software developers and user forum.



Cybook Orizon reader seems to be quite nice…


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