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using Tumblr API v2 from Perl

Tumblr API v2 uses oAuth mechanism for authentication, and this mechanism signs every request with a SHA1 or other hash algorithms.

If your posts contain non-ASCII data, here starts the tricky part. Perl has some special treatment for UTF-8 strings, and incorrect handling can easily lead to a wrong signature.

At first, I tried to use LWP::Authen::OAuth module, as it provides the simplest interface and hides most of oAuth internal logic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t care much about the stging encodings, and UTF8-formatted strings get corrupted and result in invalid signatures.

Net::OAuth appeared to be a bit more complex, and a bit insufficiently documented, but proved to work correctly with UTF-8 data.

Here’s the piece which finally worked. It took awhile to build this example, as the module documentation cuts some important corners.

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