DOCSIS troubleshooting: pinging and sniffing

A customer DOCSIS network had some strange issues with modem and MTA performance, and here are some simple scripts that were used for troubleshooting.

A monitoring session was set up on a distribution switch, and all CMTS traffic was sent to eth1 on the sniffing host.

The file addrlist contains all monitored IP addresses (CM and MTA), one per line., the sniffer launch script, creates hourly captures for all the monitored addresses:

tcpdump -i eth1 -s0 -G 3600 \
 -w /srv/capture/cmts8-%F--%H-%M-%S.pcap \
`perl -e 'open(IN, "addrlist"); print join(" or ",  map {chomp; "ip host " . $_} ())'` runs fping every 5 seconds, and fping sends only one ICMP Echo packet and reports all the IP addresses which responded longer than 500ms:

while true; do
  RESULT=`fping -f addrlist -t500 -r0 -u`

  if test -n "${RESULT}"; then
    /bin/echo -e \[$DATE\]   $RESULT >>fpinglog
  sleep 5

As soon as there’s some content in the log, sends it in email. It does it so every hour:

while true; do
  if test -s fpinglog; then
     cat fpinglog | mail -s "Modem test log" \
  sleep 3600

The scripts are launched with nohup, so that they can run for as long as needed:

nohup sh &
nohup sh &
nohup sh &

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