Calling from Skype to SIP

I’m organizing a conference bridge for one enthusiast software project, and the participants are spread across the globe. Also some of them are reluctant to install a SIP client, and there’s no local PSTN-to-SIP gateway, and they would prefer calling from Skype.

Here’s the list of possibilities that I found to call a SIP account from Skype. Any feedback and additions will be appreciated.

All these methods require you to dial a number into a Skype call. In Skype client 5.x, this is available in “Call->Show Dial Pad” menu.

  1. the Bulgarian operator BGOPEN.NET has a “bgopen” Skype account. After calling in, you can dial any destination (starting with *)
  2. the Russian VoIP operator has an internal Skype<->SIP gateway. You need to register a permanent account, which requires a minimum payment of $3. All instructions are available in Russian language only.
  3. Coming soon: is promising a Skype<->SIP gateway, and now only SIP->Skype mode is available (which is also a great advantage already).

there are probably more. My primary focus was to let my Russian colleagues to connect to my FreeSWITCH server.


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