Cleaning up default services in CentOS/RHEL

A freshly installed CentOS or RHEL runs many daemons which you don’t really want on a server, especially on a VPS where memory and CPU are usually more valuable resources.

Here’s what I usually do on a fresh server (tested with CentOS 5.x):

# stop unneeded services
chkconfig gpm off
chkconfig yum-updatesd off
chkconfig xfs off
chkconfig autofs off
chkconfig portmap off
chkconfig nfslock off
chkconfig rpcidmapd off
chkconfig hidd off
chkconfig bluetooth off
chkconfig netfs off
chkconfig pcscd off
chkconfig cups off
chkconfig smartd off 
chkconfig avahi-daemon off
chkconfig hplip off
chkconfig messagebus off
chkconfig iscsi off
chkconfig iscsid off

# disable graphical login screen
vi /etc/inittab

# disable SE Linux if necessary
vi /etc/selinux/config





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