Mounting the LCD touchscreen on top of Armadeus devboard

img_0878Assembled all the Armadeus parts together. Now it’s much easier to move them around the table 🙂

The Armadeus devboard comes without any cables. The LCD and touchscreen are equipped with two cables for connecting to the devboard. The devboard needs a 2.5/5.5 power jack, and the power supply should support at least 12W power draw.

List of part numbers from

  • 510524 (power supply)
  • 526673 (30mm spacer, 4pcs)
  • 526630 (10mm spacer, 4pcs)
  • 526657 (20mm spacer, 4pcs)
  • 526517 (10mm spacer, female/female, 4pcs)
  • 529569 (160×100 plate)
  • 546645 (200×2.5mm stripes)

Original Armadeus development board with apf27, LCD and touchsreen adapter:


160×100 plate (the holes at the corners look ugly, I know) and the stands (20mm spacer is not shown):


All the parts assembled together:




The 20mm stand is not necessarily needed, but it makes access easier. The pink foam has come as part of the Armadeus package.



  1. #1 by lecsdexterLucio on January 25, 2014 - 2:29 pm

    which model of LCD are you using?

    • #2 by txlab on January 25, 2014 - 11:07 pm

      No idea, it was a long time ago and I sold the hardware. It was the LCD panel that was offered together with the board.

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