Hiteg MINI2440 with LCD

Actually this board would be a much better investment than my previous ones. EUR 200 for the hardware + EUR 50 for shipment, and you get tons of peripherial connectors and a touchsreen LCD!

now the only question, what kind of application I want to develop. I don’t have an idea yet.



  1. #1 by Freeman Pascal on December 28, 2008 - 3:15 am

    I bought one of the mini2440 boards off of eBay and have been pretty happy with the $210 USD investment. I bought mine with the 7″ LCD and touchscreen. Being brand new to ARM development my current challenge is setting up build environment and building a new Linux image for the board. I’m currently trying to use scratchbox2 with the CodeSourcery lite cross complier. Can’t seem to get any binaries that will run without segfaulting. Any hints would be very much appreciated.


    • #2 by txlab on December 28, 2008 - 1:54 pm

      I’m not too much familiar with ARM either, but compiling OpenWRT for a MIPS platform was quite straightforward. Probably they also have the mini2440 support. Also T2 is worth checking out, but I haven’t yet had time to look deeper into it. Also Embedded Debian should in theory work…

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